Electrisize Festival Design 2016


With over 4 areas, 70 DJ’s (Nicky Romero, Headhunterz and Oliver Heldens, just to name a few) and over 10.000 music addicts, Electrisize (in short: Esize) is one of the most anticipated festivals in the western region of Germany.

Since 2013 I’m part of the Esize Festival team. Electrisize is a popular German EDM festival. I was responsible for any online and offline marketing campaigns. One of the highlights though were this year’s stage designs.

Basic shapes.

To achieve a new and distinctive look, I created a bunch of basic shapes which should act as design elements for the festival’s corporate identity. They would be used for all kinds of marketing and info materials as well as flyers, stages and online campaigns.

Electrisize Shapes

Main stage design.

This year’s main stage was a massive undertaking due to its 210 square meters of ground space and over 150 metal frames which needed to be covered with a unique geometrical art design.

The outcome of hours of work is a truly remarkable piece.

Electrisize Stage
Electrisize Stage Foto

Website design.

With a simple and structured (responsive) design and use of bright colors and brilliant photo shots from past Esize events, I was able to bring the engaging and mesmerizing festival experience to the screen.

As its first point of contact for every attendee who wants to get a deeper look into the Electrisize experience, it was very important to get every little detail right.

Electrisize Website Teaser

Website showroom

Map illustrations.

To guide festival attendees to a specific stage, the several booths or other facilities during the event, I created several maps and navigational assets with custom icons and hand-drawn illustrations.

With a cute and approachable art style, those illustrations helped to convey Esize’s open and friendly personality and atmosphere.

Electrisize VIP Deck
Detail flower
Detail flag
Detail toilet
Detail big flower
Detail bench
Detail zaun
Detail table
Detail zaun