Powerweekend - Electrisize

Logo design, map illustration

Powerweekend is a new party series by "Kultur-Garten". The corporate identity is meant to be clean and powerful. Besides a brand identity, I created a simple location map as guide for our attendees.

Powerweekend conzept logo


To achieve a clean and powerful look, I decided to take a rounded sans serif with some special characters. For the logo itself, I adapted the "O" to look like a well-known sign for a power button.

Hardsize & Electrsize subtitle
The Powerweekend is divided into two main themes. DAY ONE: Electrisize, DAY TWO: Hardsize.

Powerweekend Electrisize logo
Powerweekend Hardsize logo
Powerweekend full logo

Map illustrations

To guide festival attendees during the event through the whole area, covering several booths and other facilities, I created a simple map and navigational assets with custom icons and hand-drawn illustrations.

Powerweekend locationmap
Powerweekend locationmap full